Mr. T

My name is Nick Scott. This year for Halloween I was Mr. T. I made my costume with a blue denim shirt that I cut the sleeve, and a orange v-neck short sleeve shirt. The blue shirt is from a previous job I use to work at. The orange shirt was giving to me on a previous birthday gift. Halloween was the first time the orange shirt was worn. The necklace and brace laces are Marti gras beads. Around my neck I am wearing roughly 50 gold beads, and 75 bone and skull beads. I wrapped one bone and skull beads around my wrist several times to make it look like I am wearing a lot of bracelets. You can hardly see it, but I got a red feather and super glue it on to a clip on ear ring. For the finishing touch, I grew my hair on my head out to cut it later so I will have a Mohawk.

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