Movie costume replicas: Jack Sparrow and more!

We found a pretty cool website last week that we sure know, you guys will enjoy taking a peak at!

Are you thinking about being a movie character for Halloween?

Are you even thinking of making your own costume?

Do you have what it takes to make one?

Let us present you Sith Camaro. Sith is a “big time” talented tailor: he documents the creation of movie replica costumes he creates with pictures and steps to takes, which he later posts on his website! The replicas he makes are simply unbelievable.

Sith has been working a lot on Jack Sparrow outfits for the past 2 years, all the replicas he has created are stunning and you need to check them out directly on his website. He goes all the way to even document how to “Make the ultimate Jack Sparrow boot” if you can believe it!

On his website (, you will find a wide range of costumes: Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Storm Trooper, Edward Scissor hands, Lord Sauron and more characters.

It looks like Sith sells replicas and accessories online on eBay, we found this incredible Jack Sparrow Asian replica costume, and there is probably more available from time to time, or even maybe custom orders…you will have to contact him directly to ask.

Take a moment to visit Sith’s website: to check out his incredible collection of costume replicas and detailed instructions of how to create a real replica costume!

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