Most Popular Costume Ideas: October 2007 Report

I finally have some time to discuss the most popular costume ideas for the month of October 2007 here at CostumZee.

October has been crazy for CostumZee, and we need to thank you all for coming on our websites, checking out costume ideas, participating in our costume idea forum and read our costume idea blog.

CostumZee has received a ton of mentions in the online and print media last month and this was really exciting. We even made in Time Magazine!

You can see some of those here. It’s almost impossible to list every website/blog that has mentioned us this Halloween, so thanks to all of them for recognizing CostumZee and its efforts to build the first and ONLY costume idea community!

So what about costume ideas and what were the hot ones?

No doubt about it, Hannah Montana was the most popular searched costume online this year, but Hannah dropped a bit in October and wasn’t in our top 5 costume idea. Adults were shopping in October, for themselves. The trend has shown us that parents shop for children first in September (therefore we had a lot of child related costume ideas in our Top 10 most popular costume ideas in September) and then focus on finding their costume in October.

So here it is, the most popular costume ideas for October 2007:

Sexy costumes

Funny costumes

Adult costumes

Costumes for couples

The 300 costumes

Celebrity costume ideas

The Hannah Montana costume

80’s costumes

Witch costumes

Pin up costumes

Now started a new Holiday season with Thanksgiving first and then Christmas.

Although the Thanksgiving costume shopping season is already almost over, there is a lot of searches this month for santa suits, mrs claus costumes and of course elf costumes and elf shoes!

Happy Holidays!

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