Most Popular Costume Ideas: January 2008 Report

A lot has happened in the past 2 weeks and it’s time to catch up once again! With Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day (in 8 days!) and President’s Day in February, you would think that most popular search costume ideas are directly related to those Holidays… as proven below, it is simply not!

Here is our top costume ideas report for the month of January 2008:











It is really interesting to see that the big 2007 Blockbuster movies Hairspray and 300 still hold a top10 ranks almost every month! Only one Mardi Gras related costume idea (Venetian) made the top 10 last month, but it appears that some Valentine’s Day costume shopping had already started with costume ideas like nurse and probably adult size Dorothy and Goldilocks costumes.

Another big surprise is the drop of Hannah Montana which held top 3 rank most of 2007… Bye bye Hannah.

Not sure about the disco and 60’s costume ideas, did we miss the celebration of the 60’s this month? 🙂

The next most popular costume ideas report should show a lot more searches related to Valentine’s Day and President’s Day as those Holidays are coming up!

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