Most popular costume idea report July 2008

The most popular costume idea report makes its comeback this Summer. It’s been a long time since the last one, but the timing cannot be more important as Halloween 2008 approaches.

As a recap, so far this year we’ve seen great trends, and really no surprise. From the month of May to pretty much now, we’ve seen the 2008 Blockbuster movies owning the Top positions of our most popular costume ideas report.

First, Iron man costumes and Indiana Jones costumes took over for several weeks in a row, owning top 5 spots but slowly started to lose positions as the #4 all time movie came out: Batman the Dark Knight.

I covered this many times here on the CostumZee blog, but it was clear that Heath Ledger’s performance as The joker was going to spark hundred of thousands of fans of all ages to pay tribute to the actor by wearing The Joker costume for movie premieres, week end parties and this Halloween.

There is no question about it at this point, and i am not taking any risk here: The Joker will be the #1 most popular costume idea this Halloween, and certainly be the most searched costume online as Hannah Montana was last year.

So here is the July 2008 top 5 costume ideas:

The Joker costumes

Dark knight costumes

Batman costumes

Sexy costumes

Disco costumes

I bet that Iron Man and Indiana Jones will hit the top 10 again this Halloween, but we’ll have to wait 10 more weeks to find out!

PS: quick note to remind you all that our monthly reports are based on internal data we collected from our own user generated searches and pageviews for the period and might not reflect what other websites report.

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