Military costume Collector Turns Hobby into Business

Ian Sparke’s hobby has been collecting World War one uniforms:

> For almost 50 years his passion for the khaki and pageantry of the military has not faded.

And his collection has quite grown!

> We’d be guessing and it’s a fairly rough but accurate guess I would say that it’s certainly over 60,000 items and I’d say it much more than that

This passion has become a business, a fun way to make a living:

>Ian Sparke’s passion has translated into expertise and is in high demand. He’s a costume and production designer who also works as a military advisor.

Advising on movies like Wolverine!

He is also working with his son on his own movie:

>The father and son are also planning to make their own World War I feature film (“34th Battalion”).

Awesome story. Follow your passion, be patient and it might pay off.


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