Mermaids sighted! Will Mermaid costumes be on the rise?

In what could have been a cryptozoological goldmine, or a clever tourist ploy, a small Israeli town near Haifa, Israel has recently been home to mermaid activity. Visitors and locals to Kiryat Yam have claimed to have seen a mermaid for the past several months.

A few months back, a local came across a girl on the beach who, from a distance, looked to be relaxing in the sun. Upon a closer look, she had the upper body of a woman and the lower half of a fish with scales and fins. She appears for a few hours near sunset and does tricks for onlookers in the sea, yet disappears for the remainder of the evening.

A $1 million dollar reward has been offered for anyone who can snap a photo of the mermaid in action.

People have long been fascinated by mermaids, from the times of ancient Greece to centuries ago when Hans Christian Anderson wrote his tragic fairy tale, “The Little Mermaid,” which was Disney-fied up with a happy ending for singing mermaid, Ariel and friends. Some skeptics claim that some of the mermaids sighted are nothing more than manatees swimming close to the beach.

Kiryat Yam seems to be boosting tourist numbers with the prospect of seeing a mermaid. Will the fascination with these (possibly?) mythical creatures carry over to Halloween costumes? These cool, oceanic beauties may find themselves on the hot list for 2009 Halloween costumes if mermaid sightings keep up, planting a subtle cue to capture the attention of party-goers the same way Israel’s mermaid has become a focal point.

A number of beautiful styles of striking (and surprisingly easy to walk in!) mermaid costumes are available in a variety of sizes to suit sea sprites of all ages. Little girls may want to opt for the more familiar face of the Little Mermaid with officially licensed Disney costumes and wigs. However, other mermaid costumes are available in a variety of colors and styles, ranging from pink to shimmering green, and some with dazzling sequins.

Adult ladies may want to choose from slightly racier styles that can either offer full coverage (such as the Elite Mermaid costume with it’s beautiful hot pink bodice and cleverly ruffled tail in aqua blue) or the glittery two-piece, midriff baring Mesmerizing Mermaid costume. Fun accessories you may want include a sea-themed tiara or a “seaweed” draped Mermaid Purse or Shell Purse.

Who knows, you just might be mistaken for a real mermaid!

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