Memorial Day-themed costumes and recipes

Memorial Day is more than just a three-day weekend, it’s a time to remember family and friends who served in wartime or peacetime in the military and are no longer with us. Many families head to local cemetaries where their loved ones are buried to decorate the graves of their loved ones with American flags, flowers, and other items as part of this rememberance. The official flower of the day is a red poppy, the story of which is outlined in John McCrae’s 1915 poem, “In Flanders Fields” where servicemen were buried in graves marked by the red flowers.

Although the intent behind Memorial Day is a somewhat somber one, it does offer a three-day weekend to most people. Even families who do visit interred loved ones come back to their homes and cook out on the grill, celebrating an extended weekend with their living loved ones. Other more fun aspects of Memorial Day include local parades in which members — past and present — of the military march in their dress uniforms alongside patriotic floats and fireworks displays.

Take part in these festivities with some patriotic costumes for the holiday. Go for military-themed costumes based on uniforms worn by servicemen in the Army and Navy , or even costumes based on historic military attire as worn by Civil War soldiers on both the Union and Confederate sides. Ladies may wish to opt for USO-styled costumes with pin-up versions of military costumes.

After the parades and costumes, head on back home and cook out with your family during the Memorial Day weekend holiday. Try out some of Costumzee’s recipes from the forum for Texas Tommy Hot Dogs and a patriotic-themed salad with Red, White, and Bleu Cheese Apples.

Happy Memorial Day!

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