Make your own Corpse Bride costume

Tim Burton characters and Halloween go hand in hand! Dress up as one of your favorite creepy characters, the girl who puts the “fun” in “funeral,” The Corpse Bride! This costume requires minimal sewing and still yields that fresh-from-the-grave look that’s so popular this Halloween season.

#What you’ll need:#

* Old white or grey prom dress

* Several yards of grey lace

* Fabric glue or sewing machine or needle and thread

* Long piece of grey tulle, roughly one yard

* Scissors

* Silver spraypaint

* Floral hair wreath (pick up at a craft store)

* A skeleton arm glove

* Bouquet of fake flowers in grey, blue, or white.

* 1 yard of tattered blue chiffon

* Black satin ribbon

* Blue cream makeup or white cream makeup and loose blue shimmery eye shadow

* Black eyepencil

* Dark blue eyeshadow

* Pink lipstick

* False Eyelashes (optional)

* Bobby pin or hairpin

##Putting it together##

Step 1 The fist thing you’ll need is a white or grey prom dress. You can pick these up cheap at either thrift shops or in teen clothing shops that also sell formal wear (Deb or Mandee is always a good choice) after prom season has hit and the dresses are on clearance.

Step 2 Head to the fabric store or an arts and crafts store and pick up some fabric (grey tulle, grey lace, blue chiffon, black satin ribbon). If you head to the wedding section of the craft/fabric store, you can find fake flowers to create your own bouquet or a pre-made “fake” bridal bouquet that you can spraypaint later. You can also find a bridal flower wreath that will be worn in your hair.

Step 3 Bust out the fabric and the sewing machine (or needle and thread) to customize your costume. Take one yard of the grey lace and make one long fingerless glove (all you need to do is sew a “sleeve” that will fit over your arm and end in a point that goes slightly over your wrist. Considering The Corpse Bride’s outfit is somewhat tattered, your sewing job doesn’t have to be pretty. You can even cut an unfinished hole for your thumb. Use these same steps to make a shorter glove.

Step 4 (Optional) You can take any of the grey lace you have to sew a bodice onto your pre-bought dress. Basically, you’re just tacking the lace so that it is fitted to the neckline and attached to the side seams of the dress.

Step 5 Take your scissors and fray the bottom of the dress’s hem. You can even cut a few Swiss cheese-like holes in the bottom to make it look more weathered.

Step 5 Either outside or in a well-ventilated room, you’re going to fix up your dress to give it a “dirty” look in a clean way! Take your silver spray can and lightly spray “dirt marks” onto your gown, making it look like you just crawled out of the soil. The silver spraypaint on fabric will not look very shiny. It’ll actually look like dirt.

Step 6 Grab your can of silver spraypaint again and completely cover your plain white bouquet of flowers and the bridal hair wreath. Grab some newspaper to put it on so that the paint doesn’t come off on anything in your home and allow it to dry for a day or so. This will make it look shiny and silver, which gives a nice, “moonlit” effect.

Step 7 Take a yard of grey tulle and bunch it together at the top for a “bustle” effect. This piece will be sewn or attached to the now-dry bridal headpiece. This will be your “bridal veil” and flows down in the back.

Step 8

For that “something blue” to your Corpse Bride ensemble, take the frayed piece of blue chiffon and wrap it around the base of your bridal bouquet. Let a long piece hang down for a dramatic effect, particularly if it’s frayed. Don’t sew anything! The more tattered the better! Hold it in place with a dab of fabric glue or a black satin ribbon tied in a bow!

Step 9 Now that your costume is complete, it’s time to get dressed and apply makeup. Apply your blue cream makeup to your face, neck, chest and the arm that you’re not wearing the skeleton glove on. If you can’t find blue cream makeup, take plain white cream makeup and mix a high-pigment loose blue eyeshadow with the white cream to give you the desired color.

Step 10 Use dark blue eyeshadow on your eyelids and underneath your eyes for a sunken effect. You can even use a little bit of the blue eyeshadow to create hollows on your cheek. Put on some pink lipstick and apply fake eyelashes and your makeup is complete.

Step 11 Once your makeup is complete, put on your skeleton glove first and then put your shorter glove over this glove. Then put on the longer glove on the other arm. Next comes the dress and you can bobby-pin the bridal headpiece to your hair once you’re finished.

Step 12 Grab your bouquet and go out there and nab yourself a live one!

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