Make a Dirty Q-Tip costume

The best costume I ever saw was done by a fellow middle school kid when I was in middle school over 15 years ago.

He dressed up as a dirty Q-tip.

He wore a powder blue tank top and powder blue shorts.

All of his exposed skin, including his face, legs and arms, was painted in the same shade of blue.

He wore a white beanie on his head, with white batting (the stuff used for stuffing pillows, which can be found at a craft store), glued onto it for the tip of the q-tip.

His white shoes also had the same white batting glued onto them. Then, to top it all off, a couple of days before our halloween contest, he smeared yellow mustard all over the tip of the batting on the beanie and the tips of his shoes.

When the mustard dried, it looked like ear wax! Kinda gross, but I’ve never seen anything else like it in all these years!

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