Madame du Barry


Madame du Barry, originally named Marie-Jeanne Becu, was Louis XV’s last mistress. She was described as being one of the most beautiful women of her time. She began her career as courtesan, later becoming the king’s mistress thanks to her ‘pimp’, and obviously to her good luck! Her most prized possessions were her jewels, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. She lasted only four years as mistress, during which she became Marie Antoinette’s rival. At 50 she was accused of treason by the Revolutionaries whilst travelling to and fro in England trying to regain most of the jewellery she had stolen from her chateaux, and guillotined.


Being a seductive and flirtatious character, a sexy 18th century French costume comes into concideration! What you need is:

}A white wig: in the case of powdering hair with talcum, try to find a wig as close to your hair colour as possible to keep it natural.

}Feather/s for hair decoration

}A tight-fitting laced corset

}French frilly knickers

}Suspender belt (optional)

}Thigh-high coloured tights (you may use full-length too)

}Fancy shoes

}Hand fan

}Jewelry (chandlier earrings, necklace, bracelet etc…)

}Frilly garter/s

}Make-up: eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick, talcum, rouge (to match the costume)

1.) Apply make-up: first whiten face with talcum (beware eye and mouth area to avoid inhaling and eye irritation.) Apply talcum by smooth circular motions onto face. Next, apply lipstick, and later make hard eye shadow and eye liner. Lastly, rouge the face (the steps mentioned for applying make up can be changed according to your own preference).

2.) Put on suspender belt

3.) Put on tights and clip suspenders

4.) Put on garter/s

5.) Put on French knickers

6.) Put on corset and lace up as tight as possible

7.) Put on wig. If using talcum to powder hair, put on a hairdresser’s cape to avoid powdering costume. Use hairspray for talcum to affix to hair and for hair to keep its up-style, which you can make by means of back-combing.

8.) Put on feather/s onto hair/wig.

9.) Pick up your fan and you’re ready to go!

naturally, these are only guidelines of how to wear the costume- it’s up to you to decide what to put on first 😀

If you prefer, you can also wear a knee-length overcoat on top of everything, so as not to cover the intricate underwear worn. A hoopskirt may also be worn beneath the corset to keep the overcoat stiff on the sides.

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