LOST costume and viewing party ideas

It’s the end of an era. The epic television show, “LOST” is coming to its concluson on Sunday May 23rd with a two-hour finale on ABC, beginning at 7PM. Legions of fans of the TV show have been paying their respects online and around the globe, saying goodbye to the series that they’ve spent six years watching and the huge cast of memorable characters.

One of the big trends with TV shows is to hold viewing parties, especially for something as monumental as the “Lost” finale. You may want to take some brown paper and decorate your living room to look like “The Hatch” or print out various DHARMA Initiative symbols and place them around the house. (Nothing says “This way to the bathroom!” like a picture of the DHARMA Swan on your restroom door!) You can even stage a scavenger hunt to find different, “Lost”-themed items around the house. A luau umbrella, an inflatable palm tree and other decorations may also add an island touch to your place.

For food items, think tropical stuff like fish, pineapple, or even a bucket of chicken, a la “Mr. Cluck”‘s. An online blog, Cupcakes Take the Cake, actually has some really good ideas for making cute, fun LOST-themed cupcakes. (I’ll take a Locke cupcake, a Hurley cupcake, and a polar bear/palm tree cupcake, please!)

And of course, no viewing party would be complete without LOST-themed costumes. Have someone from your group dress up as a polar bear and jump out of a closet. Or, follow some of our DIY costume ideas for How To Make your own costumes for your favorite characters. Although my favorite Lostaways happen to be Hurley and Locke, I guess I’d probably have to go with dressing up as Kate Austen.

Give out prizes for the best costumes at your Lost Finale Viewing Party. A special award should go to anyone who is brave enough to dress as Captain Frank Lapidus, Candidate for Keeper of the Island’s Chest Hair.

Here’s hoping all of the “LOST” fans out there get answers to some of the island’s most elusive mysteries. We’ve already found out why Ol’ Smokey is such a cranky guy, but several other secrets have yet to be revealed. Happy viewing, people! I know I’ll be watching!

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