Little Big Planet Yields Costumes

Little Big Planet is a Play Station 3 puzzle game released in November 2008. Since its release the game has been one of the most popular for gamers who love story books. Little Big Planet has so far been a success due to the high level of graphics and fun you can have within the game. There are set levels of platforms you can play as single or multiplayer, yet there are also choices that allow you to customize the game for more adventure. Players are either Sackboy or Sackgirl owing to the appearance of the characters and their dress style.

During the game players are able to run, jump, and manipulate objects in their way. They can also explore several different types of environments. The player gets to edit their sackboy costumes as well as share anything they create. As the story progresses the player is able to unlock more adventure with mini bonus levels and over 50 different regular levels. The game may look 2D, but you still have a depth that makes the game more interesting.

It is the ability to change the characters clothing and create your own identity that yields Little Big Planet costumes for hardcore players. If you are looking for an innovative Halloween costume idea or a costume party idea, Little Big Planet has plenty of options. There are characters based on Kratos, Medusa costumes, Minotaur, Nariko, Final Fantasy costumes, and even Super Street Fighter costumes.

The game has some online abilities as well, which helps to share your character creations and expand your world. An announcement on Tuesday was made to let players know there is now more in store for them. As of May 21st any Little Big Planet player can obtain new software to load with their game. This kit is called the Monster Pack. The kit allows you to purchase costumes for your game personality for 99 cents. Rotary saws, Mannequin head, legs, and torso will be available for the game. Also such costume ideas as reptile skin, fish scales, and orange fabric will be available. There are over 26 monsters you can design with tentacles, rusty nails, and much more. The kit also includes theme stickers and horror sounds.

So what does this mean for real life costumes? Well you know have more costumes to create based on the game Little Big Planet. One of the most popular ideas right now is the Monster Sackula. Count Sackula is a lot like a Count Dracula costume only the costume would be made out of a sack like look for Sackboy. The Bride of Sackula is yet another idea if you need a couples costume. Werewolf costumes and zombies are also part of the new release for the game providing us with more concepts for Halloween in the coming months.

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