Lindsey Lohan Picks Palin… As her Halloween Costume!

Starlet and America’s favorite rehabbed redhead, Lindsey Lohan, is hopping aboard the Sarah Palin bandwagon. No, she’s not voting McCain in ’08! Instead, Li-Lo is lampooning the Vice Presidential hopeful with a costume based around Sarah Barracuda’s stint as Miss Wasilla and when she contended for the title of Miss Alaska, circa 1984. Lindsey intends to dress up this Halloween as Beauty Queen Sarah Palin. Lindsey’s girlfriend, singer Samantha Ronson is planning on making it a duo and dressing up as “First Dude” of Alaska, Todd Palin. This should be good!!

Sarah Palin costumes of a number of varieties are proving to be popular choices this year. The Sarah Palin mask is selling like hotcakes and homemade variations on costumes pertaining to the Governor of Alaska (such as Beauty Queen Palin, Stewardess Sarah, Zombie Sarah Palin, and the ubiquitous Stripper Sarah) are getting a lot of play.

Here’s a photo of Lindsey next to one of Sarah Palin back in her beauty queen days? See a resemblence? Think Li-Lo can pull it off? Or do you have a better idea for a Sarah Palin costume?

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