Light Up the Dance Floor with Your Futuristic Dance Costume

Last night was the last competition before the semi finals and with only 5 couples left it will be tough to decide who will actually win. As a rule I am not a fan of Dancing with the Stars, but the last two seasons I have tuned in to see some of the pairs. This season came out strong with a number of popular actors, actresses, celebrities, and athletes. Right away it was easy to see the Nicole and Derek (the professional dancer) would make a great pairing, as well as Evan Lysacek and and Anna Trebunskaya (the professional dancer).

The name Evan Lysacek was certainly fresh in most minds after the Olympic Winter Games where he obtained the Gold Medal in Men’s Figure Skating, much to the upset of the Russian Champion. However, hands down he did win the competition, and his dancing is almost as wonderful.

On Monday night Evan took to the floor with Waltz and Cha Cha. While the waltz was certainly breathtaking it was the Futuristic Cha Cha which had the crowd and judges feeling quite happy towards the pair. The second dance for each pair left in the competition was based on an era of time such as the 50’s like Nicole and Derek or the 80’s as one of the other dance couples.

By far the top costumes where with Nicole and Derek, Evan and Anna, and Chad Ochocinco and his partner. Where they dredged up Chad’s suit one might wonder, but it certainly gave you the connotation of a pimp suit! If you are pre- planning for Halloween less than half a year away now then these three pair costumes might just make the perfect couples look for you.

The futuristic Evan and Anna borrowed a little from the Fifth Element movie starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. While Anna’s costume was not the blaring orange of the film it was certainly a close rendition of the orange jumpsuit. For the male counterpart it was more about the hair and makeup offered than the silver shirt and black pants.

When you go to the 50’s look of Nicole and Derek, you will have the typical black jeans and tee shirt complete with Grease style do for the male costume, and a beautiful dress for the female. The dress was highly reminiscent of a Spanish professional dancer with its colors and flare. So this year, if you want something a little out of the ordinary you might remember Dancing with the Stars costumes, especially from the Era dance competition where imagination was running wild!

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