Leeloo Fifth Element

Leeloo from the Fifth Element is a supernatural being whose destiny is to save us all. And she’s sexy as hell.

Step Negative 1:


A. daily sit ups for about a month before your costume party

Step 1:


A. tan/gold leggings

B. black leather boots: with round toe, without heels

C. white knit shirt/sweater: 1″ ribbing, bicep length sleeves, cropped at waist (you can crop it yourself)

D. black elastic belt or black elastic fabric to sew into your own belt

E. henna

F. Orange ribbon, tape, or vinyl and glue

G. Neon orange pageboy wig

Step 2:


A. Paint 1/2 inch lines on the leggings with black fabric paint (or electrical tape)

*one vertical line down the front of each leg

*one horizontal line around the leg above each knee

*one horizontal line around the leg below each knee

~use masking tape to protect the areas you don’t want to paint.

B. if needed: crop your white shirt to the length of your natural waist

~protect the frayed edge with fray-check, or surge the edge if you have the right sewing machine

C. sew your black elastic around your waist, or sew it to the waistband of your leggings if you don’t want it moving around.

D. the night before, use the henna to create the designs of the five elements on the inside of your wrist

E. Use the neon orange ribbon, tape, or vinyl to recreate the orange suspenders. You will have to be creative. If you use ribbon, you have to cut out the holes carefully and use fray check on all cut edges, and you will have to use double-stick tape to get a good fit and keep from sliding off your body. If you use orange tape, you can just tape it directly on your body, which will make it very difficult to go potty, or you can tape the sticky sides of two pieces of tape together, for something that is removable. With vinyl, you can get a more realistic copy of the real suspenders, however they do not stay on tight, so again you will have to use double-stick tape to get the Leeloo Sexy fit.

F. To get Leeloo’s sexy dreds, roll 1/2inch sections of the wig in your hands with pomade or wax. You can also imitate Leeloo’s brown roots by using light brown mascara around the part of the wig.

Step 3:


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