Karate Kid Costumes Making a Comeback

If you are in your mid 20’s to late 50’s you probably remember the Karate Kid. The movie was released in 1984, and replayed so many times on network television for the next six years it is impossible for anyone to have missed the sensation the movie seemed to cause. This original movie was so popular among the younger generations that a second movie was also created. Though the second movie was nowhere as popular as the first movie, it was actually the third movie that bombed totally. The Karate Kid was directed by John G. Avildsen and written by Robert Mark Kamen. Ralph Macchio played Daniel Larusso. Despite his hit in Karate Kid since then Macchio has not really made a big name for himself. He has most recently been on Ugly Betty, but even that show is about to end.

Two other names from the Karate Kid are Pat Morita and Elisabeth Shue. Pat Morita played Mr. Kesuke Miyagi, the Karate Kid’s teacher and mentor. Pat Morita was well known since the creation of Happy Days. Morita was born in America, but had a hard life. He developed spinal tuberculosis at two, and would not learn to walk until 11 when doctors were able to fuse his vertebrae. He died in 2005, but there were two films which came out posthumously that he worked on. Elisabeth Shue has also gained prominence, more so than Macchio in films.

This history of the Karate Kid is all very important because Hollywood is revamping the old idea. It might seem like Hollywood is running out of ideas after all we keep seeing remakes of old films. First Wolfman appeared in theatres, Alice in Wonderland is about to Debut, and eventually another Robin Hood will be on the scene. It has also been learned that the Karate Kid remake will be out in 2010. This new remake is set to hit theatres on June 11 for the opening to summer movie fun.

The line up is much different this time because the plot is set in China with Jackie Chan as Mr. Han the Karate teacher, and Jaden Smith as Dre Parker, the student who needs to learn how to defend himself.

The new Karate Kid sounds more like a remake of an old title rather than story. The main character Dre and his mother have moved from Detroit to China. This once popular kid is now an outcast and struggling to find his way into the mold. Mr. Han becomes his secrete Kung Fu master from which Dre will be able to fight the bullies. The premise is the same even if the location is different. For costumes it means one will need to come up with a Kung Fu master costume and the Karate Kid costume. If this movie is anywhere near the quality of the first Karate Kid, we should expect numerous Ninja, Kung Fu, or Karate costumes at parties and Halloween this year.

Karate Kid Costume

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