Jonas Brothers play dress-up onstage!

The Jonas Brothers are one of the hottest teen singing sensations to hit the pop world in years. The ladies love the three brothers, Joe, Nick and Kevin…. And Joe, Nick, and Kevin love costumes! The wholesome threesome’s touring show features costume theme nights backstage before each event. So far, the three brothers have cooked up Pirate Night, among other themes, as well.

Additionally, the Jo-Bros have taken to dressing up in quirky costumes during soundcheck prior to the shows. Here are a few costumes that the lads have worn and how you can replicate these looks:

Here, the boys decided to go as another famous trio, the Three Little Pigs:

Jonas Bros. - 3 Little Pigs

Joe Jonas doesn’t smuggle grapes, he just dresses up as a whole bunch! (Actual story: Tourmate, Jordin Sparks initially was afraid of what she was getting into when Nick and Kevin told her to go over and feel Joe’s grapes… Jordin was ready to bail until she saw Joe wearing this crazy costume and instantly got a huge laugh out of it.

Joe Jonas smuggles grapes

Food items are popular with the Jo-Bros, as evidenced by these quirky Ketchup and Mustard bottle costumes:

Jonas Brothers - ketchup and mustard

And last but not least, is this mascot-style moose costume!

Jonas Bros moose

While we’re not sure what the Jonas Brothers will dress up as next, it’s plain to see the boys have always been fans of quirky costumes, as evidenced by this vintage picture of them dressed up:

Old School Jonas Bros costumes

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