Jonah Hex: New pics from 2010’s cowboy/zombie flick!

Jonah Hex is a double-whammy in terms of films coming out in 2010. Not only is it a comic book-related film (the Jonah Hex character’s book was relaunched several years ago on DC’s non-superhero, more adult-themed Vertigo line), but it also stars current horror/comic book it-girl, Megan Fox.

The film centers on a post-Civil War, Wild West era disfigured bounty hunter by the name of Jonah Hex. The cult classic comic book title character is portrayed by Josh Brolin in the film. Megan Fox portrays a saloon girl/prostitute who’s quite handy with a gun that aids Hex in his missions.

Not the only big, box-office draws, Brolin and Fox are joined by actor John Malkovich in the role of Quentin Turnbull, the film’s villain. Although initial reports indicated the character of turnbull would be similar to his comic book counterpart and would be a former Confederate soldier, hell bent on raising an army of Southern soldiers to avenge their defeat, a scriptwriter has refuted this sort of storyline. Instead, they’ve opted for a more realistic sort of plot with Turnbull being an angry, defeated Confederate terrorist who wants to avenge the South by less macabre means. Sorry, folks. Looks like zombies won’t play a part in the new Jonah Hex film.

Although new details of a fully confirmed and fleshed-out storyline for the film have yet to materialize, new photos of Josh Brolin in makeup as the disfigured Jonah Hex have surfaced!

Here’s a solo shot of Brolin with the side of his face slightly mangled with prosthetic makeup to capture the look of the cult fave comic book character:


If you’re trying this look out for yourself, break out the spirit gum and fake skin to create a similar look on one side of your face, giving a punctured hollowed out look near your mouth. Put on a Cowboy hat and Duster to complete this look!

Another new photo shows a full-length shot of Brolin in Hex makeup next to Megan Fox in her scanty, saloon girl costume:


As more info comes out about the film and any plot developments, we’ll have them for you here! For now, Hex-o-philes can start gathering their costumes a year in advance… or find themselves ahead of the 2009 Halloween pack and bust out a Hex costume all their own this year! You have until the film’s tentative June 18, 2010 release date to come up with your own interpretation!

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