Jason’s back too! Friday the 13th announced for 2009

That’s right, after the hot horror movie news #1 of Freddy coming back later on this year, the news we’re announcing today is that Friday the 13th is in the making for 2009!

The new movie is set to be released on Friday February 13th 2009, that means one more year to wait for the fans out there.

Don’t be surprised about the story line, kinda the same thing all over again 🙂

“Looking to reopen a camp for special need kids a group of councilors encounter a snag in their plans when an unknown person begins to pick them off one by one.”

I am not sure how well the movie will do, actually I wanna bet it won’t do very well. I have better faith in the new Freddy movie, but I guess that’s because I prefer Freddy’s character over Jason.

So we should definitely expect the Jason hockey masks and the Jason costumes to be pretty popular for Halloween 2009.

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