Iron Man 2 – Review and NEW Costumes!

Iron Man 2” released this week at the top of the box office. While it wasn’t as good as the first “Iron Man” flick, the sequel is definitely worth checking out and highly entertaining. As a self-proclaimed comic book nerd, I can appreciate so many cool details and nods to the “Iron Man” comic book and Marvel Universe in general. However, I thought they tried to cram too much into a single serving. There were multiple “villains” and a lot of plot twists (Stark trying to cheat death with the tech keeping him alive slowly killing him; the government trying to seize his Iron Man suit as a weapon; a romance gone awry with secretary-turned-CEO, Pepper Potts; and all of his bestest buddies seemingly turning against him) that seemed to overload the movie.

While the plot seems a bit overstuffed, the acting was awesome. As always, Robert Downey Jr. completely makes the role of Tony Stark his own. It’s unimaginable for anyone else to play Stark but Downey. He’s snarky and cocky, yet extremely likable as the billionaire inventor/superhero. Mickey Rourke doesn’t get as much screentime as previews would make you believe as Whiplash — alias, Ivan Vanko, the ornery Russian physicist whose inventor father got the shaft from Tony Stark’s pappy.

Samuel L. Jackson gets much more screentime in “Iron Man 2” as the eye patch-sporting Nick Fury, head of superhero collective, S.H.I.E.L.D. And Scarlett Johansson gives a solid performance as the undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. operative, Black Widow.

Although Lt. Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes isn’t a new character, a new actor plays the role of Tony Stark’s best friend. Don Cheadle does a good job in the role, but seems to be a much sterner version of “Rhodey.” Terrence Howard’s “Rhodey” from the first “Iron Man” film seemed to be a bit friendlier and had more of a good-natured relationship with Tony. Cheadle is good… But different. However, he does get to step inside the War Machine suit… And there’s a costume coming for that one, too!

There are a few plot twists that lead to some new additions to Iron Man’s costume. The Iron Man 2 costume will feature a triangular light piece in the middle of the chest instead of the circular one from the first movie.

WarMachineandIronManOf course, the new characters extend to new costume choices. Officially licensed costumes are already being prepared for Halloween based on a number of the new characters from the “Iron Man 2” movie. The new Iron Man 2 costume will mimic the changes to the character’s costume in the film. Instead of the circular light-up chest piece, this new Iron Man 2 costume will have a triangular light in the middle of the costume. Also, War Machine is getting his very own costume, as will Whiplash. Ladies have two options: the Sassy Black Widow with a clingy black jumpsuit, or the Ironette costumes based on the dance squad that kicks off (literally) the Stark Expo.

Costumes for adults and kids are expected to be priced as low as $19.99, with more deluxe versions of the costumes going slightly higher. This is great to keep in mind with Halloween a few months off… Or as a great playtime costume for your own little superhero.

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