Invader Zim costume

Start with a

* Magenta shirt

* pink sleeves

* pink long sleeved shirt

* black gloves

* black pants

* black boots

* green face paint

* White face paint

* blue contacts

* gray backpack

* pink fabric pen

* black fabric pen

* black temperary hair dye

Start with a towel.

Do the hair and face first so it doesn’t get on the costume.

Wet your hair.

Put in the dye. Have someone put the dye in for you.

Then, use a paintbrush to put on the paint.

Use two coats.

Then repeat with the white. Make a giant oval.

Use the black fabric pen on the pink shirt and the magenta

shirt to make thin horizontal stripes.

Sew on the pink sleeves. If they are long sleeved, cut them

to short sleeved length. Put on the long sleeved shirt.

Then put on the short sleeved one. Use the black and pink

fabric pens to make two circles on the gray backpack. Put

it on. Put on the black gloves. Put on the black pants. Put

on the black boots. Put on the blue contacts. make sure

they are entirely blue. No Invader Zim costume is

complete without a stuffed doggy Gir. You can by one at Hot Topic.

The pictue is my version. Emo Zim.

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