Indiana Jones: Trailer for the New Film & Costume Ideas

Sure to be a big hit, Indiana Jones hits the screen for the first time in almost two decades.Ǭ† The trailer for the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, due in theatres May 22nd, 2008 can be found here.Ǭ†

Of what is known of the fourth film in the series, this time, Indy takes on Cold War-era communists in a race to take possession of an artifact known as “the crystal skull.” True to the spacing of time, the film takes place almost 20 years later with Harrison Ford reprising the role of the archaelogist/academic/adventurer and Karen Allen turning up again as Marion Ravenwood from the first film.Ǭ† Steven Spielberg is directing and George Lucas took part in crafting the storyline.Ǭ† While some old faces figure prominently, some new ones are equally important with actors like Cate Blanchette (taking on the role of the film’s chief villainess), Shia LaBeof, and Ray Winstone rounding out the cast._Ǭ†


In a summer of blockbuster films, there are high hopes for Indiana Jones.Ǭ† With all of the buzz surrounding the film, costumes based on the film may likely be on the way! While no Indiana Jones costumes are available in a pre-packaged form, you can create your own with a weathered brown fedora, a beat up bomber jacket, a sturdy-enough-for-swinging bullwhip, and tan pants and a shredded shirt that look as if you’d been excavating ancient ruins all week.Ǭ† As more photos of other characters featured in the film pop up, it may be easier to whip up some ideas for Cate Blanchette’s scheming Agent Irina Spalko with a black bob wig or a leather jacket for Shia LaBeof’s Mutt Williams biker/greaser character._Ǭ†


Rest assured that if and when any new Indiana Jones costumes come out, we’ll fill you in on all the important details!_Ǭ†

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