Indiana Jones – Gotta wait one more year!

Please don’t dress up as Indiana Jones for this Halloween, wait for next year, seriously.

Honestly, you’d look silly, what’d be the reason behind this choice in 2007? Ok, now, next year, that will make total sense!

Boy it took quite some time for Steven (Spielberg) and Harrisson (guess? Ford…duh!) to finally agree on a script they both like for the Indiana Jones 4 movie.

Not sure if this is the final story line, but that’s what is reported on IMdB:

“Nineteen years after finding and losing the Holy Grail, Indiana is called by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the organization holding the Ark from “Raiders”. The Council and it’s counterpart cousin, the Trilateral Commission, are missing an important piece to the Ark. If found, it will restored to its original place in the world. However, this task won’t be easy for Indiana because an artifact, “the All Seeing Eye Jewel of 12 Stones,” called “Ephod,” helps to find it and reveals about prophecy about the coming of Melchizedek from the book of Genesis and Indiana learns more than he bargained for.”

Sounds complicated…anyway, this is our prophecy: “In 2008, Indiana Jones costumes will be hot!”, and therefore it makes it into our “Futur Trends” costume idea category!

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