Incredible Hulk and Marvel-ous Costumes!

Although the first stab at a Hulk movie wasn’t well received by comic book fans, this time around looks to be a big, green improvement.Ǭ† Swapping out director Ang Lee for Louis Leterrier (director of The Transporter and Edward Norton and Liv Tyler for Eric Bana and Jennifer Connolly in the lead roles of Dr. Bruce Banner and Betty Ross, the franchise has undergone a complete overhaul. It looks rather promising, too, given that Edward Norton — a huge fan — took such a huge personal interest in the film itself that he’s one of the screenwriters on this go around.Ǭ† For a sneak peek before its June 13th release date, click here to see a trailer for The Incredible Hulk.

With the wave of comic book films hitting the theatres this summer, Marvel Universe costumes are sure to be a hot bet for premiere parties, Comic Cons, and costume parties — possibly well before the Halloween season._Ǭ†

The Hulk himself is guaranteed to be a popular costume with various styles ranging from classic comic book Hulk to deluxe film-inspired costumes, able to turn tiny toddlers and full grown men into big, green gamma machines!

For a couple’s costume idea, ladies can accompany the green guy in their life as the brainy beauty, Betty Ross with a long black wig, white lab coat, and glasses

No costumes are available at the time for the Hulk’s equally hulking nemesis, the Abomination or Hulk’s scientific sidekick, Doc Samson._Ǭ† A Doc Samson costume can easily be put together with either a long or short green wig.

Be on the lookout for cameos by Marvel creator Stan Lee; the original television Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.Ǭ† The crossover of Marvel characters like Iron Man making an appearance in the new Hulk film is part of an effort to get an Avengers movie into the works, featuring some of Marvel’s finest superheroes as part of a super hero team.Ǭ† Until then, you can assemble your own Avengers squad with you and your friends dressed as a costumed crew featuring The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and others!

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