In Case of Revolution Break Glass – V For Vendetta

This is a MUST-HAVE item right now! Get one and nail it your home or office wall, and you’ll be ready for the next revolution! LOL

>Quality, handcrafted Guy Fawkes (V for Vendetta/Anonymous) shadow box

> – Front of the box reads: In Case Of Revolution Break Glass.

> – Crafted out of solid wood that has been professionally finished black.

> – Side of the box has a 4 oz hammer attached.

> – Back of the box is removable so that the mask can be removed without breaking the glass.

> – Glass is tempered and 3/16‚Ä_ thick.

> – Mounting hardware is pre-installed on the back of the box.

> – Dimensions are: 13.5‚Ä_ x 11.75‚Ä_ x 5.5‚Ä_


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