How to make The Nutcracker cosutme?

The Nutcracker is one of the most popular ballets during the holiday season. Every year in most major cities they have the show. If you are performing in a ballet or just going to a Christmas party you might consider one of the many Nutcracker costumes. You have Clara, the young girl who gets kidnapped by the Mouse King. You can also have several toy wooden soldiers and the Nutcracker as your costume. We are going to take a look at a couple of your options.

##Materials Needed:##

* White leotard

* Ballet shoes

* White tights

* White sheer skirt

* Red soldier jacket

* White pants

* White hat

* Musket


We have mentioned materials or items you will need in order to make a Nutcracker costume. Since you have many costumes from the ballet we have chosen two describe Clara and the Nutcracker costumes. They make wonderful couples costumes for Christmas.

To start on Clara you need a ballet outfit. Typically you can find second hand materials or you can make your own from a pattern. The first thing you will need is a leotard. It doesn’t have to be white. In fact it can be pink or even a purple hue. It will be up to you. This is a pretty simple costume idea, so once you have the white leotard, tights, and shirt you just need to add the ballet shoes. You can also do your hair in braids or a bun as it might typically be seen.

The Nutcracker is more difficult. You may need to buy red material in order to create the soldier jacket. It should have buttons on the front of the jacket with square shoulders. Depending on your idea of the Nutcracker you will need white or black pants. They should be military in style. To cap off the costume you just need a tall white or black hat, as well as a musket.

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