How to Make the Kraken Costume

Whether tales of mythology are grounded in truth or not, one thing is for certain- the Kraken keeps appearing on our theatre screens as a monster to be reckoned with. The latest film to include the Kraken is Clash of the Titans, to be released at the end of March. If you want to honor this sea dwelling monsters, consider the Kraken for your next costume party. It will be something completely out of the ordinary and perhaps you will be one of a kind! But don’t let the Titans win.

##Thing’s You’ll Need:##

* Reddish Brown Fabric

* Florist Wire

* Sewing Machine

* Thread

* Bunting


Step 1: There is no wrong or right way to create the Kraken, but since most depictions are of an overly large squid you might wish to begin there. Certainly Clash of the Titans will be using a squid like animal.

Step 2: or should have the appropriate pattern for squid flesh that you need. It is a reddish brown material that you are looking for. Based on your height and how large you want the tentacles you should purchase the appropriate materials.

Step 3: The beginning of the costume will be the head of the squid. This will cover most of your upper body. To begin you need a rounded head, you might try using a balloon or bunting to get the right shape. You want the eyes of the squid to hit you just right to use your own eyes, with a bit of elaboration. In other words, cut the eyes to be a little larger and use makeup to help increase your appearance to be more squid like. From your eyes the rest of the squid body can be made.

Step 4: At your waist you should start creating the tentacles. Using the florist wire you can arrange the tentacles however you want them. You should have at least eight tentacles of about the same length.

Step 5: For pants just use a similar color like tan or brown that you have hanging around.

There is one more thing you could do to increase your costume. Instead of using you body as the whole squid you could also have a ship that wraps around your waist. The ship can be half eaten by the Kraken!

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