How to Make Angry Birds Costumes

> Halloween is just around the corner! As early as now, parents are starting to pick their children’s costume to avoid last minute rush. And if you want your child to be unique during the party, then there is no better concept than Angry Birds costume. Florida Guy shared some easy to follow, step by step procedure on making your own birds and piggies costume.

Go to any fabric or craft store and look for the right kind of fabric. It is advisable to make use of a stretchy and fuzzy textile. It can be any material that is used up to make a snuggie blankets or the likes. Buy 4 yards to make one costume. This may depend on the size of the person who will wear. It can cost around 4 bucks, so technically you wouldn’t mind if the cloth exceeds, or something. Also, buy 4 yards of a muslin fabric in white. Find the cheapest kind available. Alternatively, a sheet can also be used. This will be for the lining inside. Make sure you purchase felt which is about 8 by 11 inches in size. Pick colors like red, green, yellow and white.


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