How to make an Oscar Statuette costume

Every February, the film world is abuzz with who will win the highest honor bestowed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. That\’s right! It\’s Oscar time! This golden statuette is handed out to winners in such categories as performance, outstanding screenwriting and directing, and best films.

Pay tribute to the golden guy with a DIY Oscar costume that will have all eyes on you!

##Things You\’ll Need##

* Gold makeup (Recommended: {Metal Mania Gold Makeup Kit

* Lotion

* Makeup remover (for easy removal afterward)

* Wig cap

* Bald cap

* Gold unitard

* Gold gloves

* Gold boots

* OPTIONAL – Gold Spray Paint

##Putting together your Oscar Statuette costume##

Step 1: Before applying your makeup, wash and exfoliate your face and any other parts you\’ll be adhering makeup to. This will make for a less \”flaky\” finish. To ensure you don\’t have dry skin, add a thin layer of lotion before applying makeup.

Step 2: Pull your hair back and tuck it under a wig cap. This will make it easier to put a bald cap over your hair and to apply the makeup over it. OR, if you want to make an Emmy Statuette costume, if you have long hair, leave it out and spray it with gold hairspray for a great couple\’s costume with Oscar!

Step 3: Put on your gold unitard so that you know exactly how much skin is left to be exposed and what you will have to cover with makeup.

Step 4: Begin applying your gold makeup with a stippling sponge and completely covering your face and over the bald cap with it. The makeup should swirl on easily. Remember to apply thin coats to build a nice finish. One heavy coat will not stay on throughout the night and will look clumpy.

Step 5: Put on your gloves and gold boots and you\’re ready to go.

Step 6: If you are having a hard time finding gold boots, bust out the old can of gold spraypaint and doctor up an old pair with a Hollywood finish!

Step 7: To remove your makeup, dab some baby oil or makeup remover on a cotton ball and swirl it on to remove. It should come off easily!

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