How to make an ornament costume?

Ornaments are very important to the Christmas season. You must have several types of ornaments to decorate the large Christmas tree. Ornaments can also be used for other purposes, like creating a costume. Costume parties at Christmas are less well known than those at Halloween, but nonetheless they still exist. This year if you want a simple idea for your Christmas party you might consider the ornament. An ornament can be made out of any material and patterned after any thing. For example you may find a “_ìBob the Builder“¬ù ornament on your tree or even a Nascar driver. The difference in these ideas being ornament costumes is in the ribbon you attach so you look at though you belong on a tree. Our ornament costume will be patterned after a snorkel bear. Trees often have themes, and some of us love underwater. If you love an underwater theme for your Christmas then the snorkel bear may fit right in. Here’s how you would create yourself as an ornament.

##Materials Needed:##

* Brown fabric

* Tan fabric

* Red fabric

* White fabric

* Snorkel items

* Red ribbon


Step 1: To create the Snorkel bear you must first create the bear. The bear will need the brown and tan fabric. You have two options. You can create a full bear and then a short red wet suit or you can just use the bear fabric for your head and hands. We will go for a full bear with a short wetsuit. You will need to pick up a pattern for a bear costume and follow directions. You should have a half head for the bear as well. In other words you might create a hood with ears that ties around your chin, but the face will be created with paint. This is up to you.

Step 2: Once the bear is completed you should create a red wetsuit to go over the costume. It will just need to be a shorty wetsuit with long sleeves.

Step 3: After the main costume is created you will need to fashion a ribbon on the back. The ribbon should be fairly long so that it is noticeable.

Step 4: This last step is placing the mask on your eyes with snorkel, and then carrying the flippers.

For ornament costumes you can be almost anything including a snowflake, round ball, or any other ornament you might have seen before.

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