How to make an oriental costume?

To make an Oriental costume you first need to decide what type of costume you would like. There are many to choose from. You have the Samurai, Geisha, Oriental Princess, Mongolian costume, and many more. We will outline a few things you may need to create an Oriental costume for females and you can then decide how elaborate you would like to get.

##What you’ll need:##

* Oriental wig

* Parasol

* Oriental patterned dress

* Dress shoes

* Fan


You don’t have to be a Princess or even a Geisha in creating your Oriental costume. You could just be an Oriental female from Asia. There are plenty of dresses on the market today that offer the Oriental pattern that you will need. Many of these dresses are for evening wear, which makes them a formal dress for any occasion. The dress can be long or short depending on your needs. For a Geisha or Princess it should be long and intricate with a bow on the back. For just any type of Oriental the dress will be simple.

To the dress you will add accessories such as the Oriental wig. There are several styles including a Geisha wig. You can choose, again, what you would like to have whether simple or elaborate hair. You could also use your own hair to create a look.

For the accessories you should have a parasol and fan with you. You don’t have to use them, but it adds to the oriental appearance you are trying for.

Lastly the type of shoes should be comfortable to walk in if you will be out long; however they can be as nice as you would like them to be. In other words black high heels or pumps will work fine.

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