How to make an M&M Candy costume?

M&M Candies are one of the most popular foods that have been turned into costumes. Ever since the company started advertising with talking M&M’s people have been keen to find M&M merchandise such as cups, radios, and more. It stands to reason, then that costumes would be just as popular. If you want a costume made by yourself or for a budget you might consider the information below. M&M Candy costumes will work for more than just one holiday or costume party. For example Valentine’s Day is coming up and every year there are special colors offered for Valentine M&M Candies. There will also be a commercial with the talking M&M’s. You typically have four choices in color no matter what holiday it is: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Green is the only female M&M and she has a bit more sophistication to her dress style.

##Materials Needed:##

* Fabric

* Pattern

* Sewing machine

* White gloves

* White shoes

* Baseball hat (optional)

* Stuffing


Depending on what choice you have gone with on your M&M you will need to buy the corresponding fabric. Joann’s or Michaels are two local stores, as well as online stores that sell fabric and patterns. Another location would be Wal-Mart if you wish to find something on a budget.

We are going to describe the Green M&M, but keep in mind you can change to a different color if you wish.

Step 1: To start you need a pattern or something that will help you get the rounded body of the green M&M. You will need to circular pieces of green fabric. You need to leave the bottom of the two pieces un- sewn. You will need to leave room for the head and arms. The rest of the costume should be filled with a layer of bunting or stuffing to make the rounded shape.

Step 2: On the green fabric you will need a white M&M. You can purchase white fabric and cut out the M&M using a stencil.

Step 3: Your legs and arms can remain bare, unless it is too cold. Then you will need a nude top and leggings. (Your M&M should come to mid- thigh)

Step 4: For the green M&M you should find a pair of white ankle boots. The boots can be from a thrift shop or used. You will want to have an M on each boot in silver.

Now just don the gloves and you are ready to leave. Your head will serve as the M&M face, unless you also want to create a face out of white and black material on the green fabric.

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