How to Make an Iron Man Costume

Making your own costume or that of your child can be so rewarding. For those looking for superhero ideas you might just love the Ironman costume. Ironman has recently become one of the more popular marvel comic book characters because of the release of the movie.

[b]Things You Will Need[/b]

– Dark Red Body Suit or Sweatsuit

– Red gloves

– Bunting or batting


[b]Step 1:[/b] The most important element of the Ironman costume is the suit. In the comic Ironman wears an iron suit that is one piece. When making the costume at home you can use a sweat suit that is the right color of iron or a full body suit that has been painted in a metallic iron like color.

[b]Step 2:[/b] The Ironman costume has a logo on the front of the suit that you can add to make it more authentic. Also during this stage you can add padding to the suit for more warmth as well as more muscle. Ironman has a great deal of muscular appearance that the batting or bunting can help shape.

[b]Step 3:[/b] The gloves need to match the suit as close as possible. So, use the same dye or material used to make the rest of the costume.

[b]Step 4:[/b] In this step you will fashion the mask. The mask can be anything that covers the face. The hood on the body suit should cover the rest of the head. The mask should be a gold material or the face can be left open.

As long as you follow these steps you should have a pretty simple homemade costume, which can save the expense of having to purchase the costume from a store.

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