How to Make an Indiana Jones Costume

Chances are, you probably have several items to make your own, authentic looking Indiana Jones costume with items already in your wardrobe. Several others can be bought on the cheap by going on your own archaeological dig at a thrift store or through the attic.

[b]Things You Need:[/b]

– brown fedora hat

– Button-down dress shirt in either white, cream, ivory, light grey, or light tan

– tan or khaki pants

– matching tan belt for pants

– brown belt (to hold whip)

– black or brown leather or suede bomber jacket

– cloth or leather messenger bag

– tan shoes

– black eyeliner pencil

– black whip (or short tree branch and 1 yard of black ribbon, glue, and/or black electrical tape)

– sandpaper

– artist’s charcoal or chalk in either black, grey, or brown

– scissors

[b]Making your DIY Indiana Jones costume[/b]

1. Pick up a brown fedora from either a thrift shop or raid your parents or grandparents’ attic for a cool find.

2. Chances are, you already have a light colored button-down dress shirt hanging in your closet that is slightly worn. If not, one can be purchased cheaply and doctored up to look as if you’ve been fighting evil Nazis in a secluded desert or jungle locale on the hunt for powerful artifacts.

3. Here’s where you get to get creative with your shirt. Either roll up those sleeves, or cut off one of the sleeves using your scissors. If you choose the second option, don’t cut too neatly. This sleeve has to look as if it were ripped off while frantically escaping from a rolling boulder or from a pit of snakes.

4. Further fray the edges of your now one-sleeved shirt by going over the edges with sandpaper for a worn, weathered look. You can also use the sandpaper to rub at the cuff or collar of your shirt to give it a slightly frayed appearance, or elsewhere on the fabric.

5. Rather than having to forsake hygeine and stain your shirt or pants with actual dirt, coffee, or any other item for an authentic Indy look, opt for the cleaner version of artists’ chalk or pastels (sidewalk chalk in certain earthy colors works, too!) to give your shirt a nice coat of grime. Rub areas of the shirt with the chalk (or charcoal) for a grimy look. To spread the sooty look around and not make it too obvious, rub parts of the shirt together to fade the “chalking” and give it a more realistically dirty look while spreading it to other parts of the shirt.

6. Put on some tan or khaki pants and belt them with a leather belt in a matching color through the loops of your pants.

7. The second, darker brown belt will be slung over your hips (not through the loops of your pants) and used as a holster to hold Indy’s whip.

8. That brings us to the whip! Either pick up a cheap bullwhip of a faux leather material at a costume shop or novelty store, or make your own.

9. You can make your own whip by wrapping a thick stick or 5 inches of a small tree branch with either black grossgrain ribbon adhered with glue or black electrical tape to make the whip’s handle. Adhere 1 yard of ribbon to the end of the whip’s handle. You can loop this around your belt/holster for an impressive touch.

10. Carry a messenger bag with the strap crosswise over your chest and shoulder. If you want, go the extra mile and pack it with Indy-worthy items like a canteen, pocket knife, etc.

11. Break out the tan dress or boat shoes to accessorize your costume!

12. Swing on a brown or black leather bomber jacket!

13. Rather than grow several days to a week’s worth of stubble, the same effect can be achieved by stippling black eyeliner pencil where a beard would typically grow. Gently dot the pencil around your lower jaw and upper lip area to give the impression of stubble. Try not to make the pencil marks too close together or too far apart for a realistic effect.

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