How to make an Ilosovic Stayne/Knave of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) costume

One of the most intriguing original characters to come out of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is the Knave of Hearts, the Red Queen‘s main squeeze/right hand man, Ilosovic Stayne. Get your dastardly on with this cunning and surprisingly simple costume creation:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Shoulder length wavy black wig

* Scissors

* Brown eyeliner pencil

* Red eyepatch — or paint a plain black one with Red Acrylic paint & paintbrush

* Longsleeved black and/or red striped knit shirt

* Black gloves (leather or faux leather)

* Dark silver chestplate (can customize to your own style with metallic spraypaint)

* Red cape

* DIY black “tunic” made from a pair of black sweatpants and silver duck tape.

* Tight black or black and red pants

* Black boots or boot covers

* Knight’s sword

##Putting together your Ilosovic Stayne/Knave of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) costume##

Step 1: Pick up a wavy black wig in a shoulder length style. If all you can find is a long wig, just use scissors to cut it to your desired length.

Step 2: To recreate Stayne’s prominent facial scars, take your brown eyebrow pencil and draw a jagged line extending from an inch or two above the the top inner corner of your eyebrow, extending down to your cheekbone. Add a few shorter, smaller strokes around your eye. If you REALLY want to go nuts and for a more realistic look, take a white eyeliner pencil and trace a thinner line down the middle of the brown lines you’ve drawn. That will make the scar look more “hollow” and deeper in the middle of it.

Step 3: Before putting on your eyepatch, you may have to paint it red if all you can find is basic black. Before you paint, however, cut it into the shape of a heart that will still offer full coverage of your eye. Then paint and allow to dry before putting on.

Step 4: Put on a longsleeed black (or black and red chevron-striped) knit shirt to wear beneath your chestplate.

Step 5: Pick up a costume chestplate in a dark metallic silver. If you want to go for super-authenticity and replicate Stayne’s armor, you can paint your plastic armor a darker shade or add details with a can of metallic silver spraypaint and add smaller details with a paintbrush and black acrylic paint.

Step 6: Pick up a red cape and adhere it to the back of your armored chestplate.

Step 7: Pull on a pair of tight black or black and red pants. These can be dress pants, tight black jeans, or even spandex or Under Armour pants if you want.

Step 8: To make your own “armor” tunic to wear over your pants and under your chestplate armor, it’s really simple and will require NO sewing whatsoever. Grab a pair of black sweatpants. Cut them off at above the knee and rip open the seams on the inside of each of the legs. This should leave you with four “panels.” Add silver “trim” and make a border around each of these panels by tearing off long strips of silver duck tape. Adhere them to the “panels” , binding the edges of the shredded legs and creating a “border” around them. This way, the ragged edges from where you cut or ripped open the seams won’t show. Then, use the tape to create other panels (follow the photo) or “pockets” on this tunic. Put it on under your chestplate and over your pants with one flap hanging down in the front, two on the sides and one in the back.

OPTIONAL: For an even more realistic effect, get some of the silver spraypaint on a brush and paint over the silver duck tape, reducing that “tape-like” look on the edges with a more metallic feel.

Step 9: Put on a pair of black boots or boot covers.

Step 10: Slide on a pair of black gloves and take up your knight’s sword in the service of the Red Queen!

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