How to make an English Nanny costume

The first English Nanny that comes to mind for a costume is Mary Poppins, however you also have Nanny McPhee from a more recent movie. In the section below we are going to offer some instructions and things you will need to create an English Nanny costume.

## What will you need? ##

* English style top hat for ladies

* Feather

* Umbrella

* Small carpet bag (suitcase)

* Dress boots

* Grey or black skirt

* Grey or white dress shirt

* Long black coat

## Instructions ##

Most English Nannies in the movies and such are going to have the older clothing. In fact the clothing should be patterned after the 1800’s to the early 1900’s depending on your preference or what you can find. The skirt will be snug at the waist and a simple pattern to the ankles. It will not flair, but it can have pleats.

The shirt for the costume should be a button up shirt with collar. The collar should have lace to the top of the neck. The shirt is also going to be long sleeved. Most English Nannies also have white or black gloves.

The long black coat will cover the dress shirt and skirt for walking out of doors. It can be left behind when inside if you wish. The top hat with feather will always be on the head except when indoors. The hair for a nanny will be in a simple bun at the top of the head in the back. Pins or a simple hair accessory will work fine.

The boots should be button up if you can find the style, but any short heeled black boot will work.

In the case of Mary Poppins a carpet bag and umbrella were additional accessories. You can just have the suitcase if you wish to be a regular English Nanny rather than one from fairy tales.

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