How to make an Elmo costume?

Elmo is very popular with children. This year if you wish to create your own costume instead of buying one you have a couple of ideas to create Elmo. Below we will outline the materials you need as well as provide some instructions regarding the Elmo costume.

##Things you will need:##

* Yellow ball

* {Fake eye balls{

* Sweat suit or red material

* Sewing machine

* Glue gun

* Pattern

Depending on the type of Elmo you want to make you can either purchase a red sweat suit or red material. The sweat suit will look less like the fuzzy Elmo, and a back up option if you can’t find what you need.


Step 1: The Elmo costume will be in 6 pieces. You will have the body, gloves, feet, and the hood. To start you will need to make the body suit out of a fleece or fuzzy material that you find. It should be long sleeved. A pattern for children’s PJ’s or costumes will work great for the main part of the suit.

Step 2: In this step you need to fashion two gloves, and two shoe covers out of the red material you find. The hands should be three or four fingers, but not five.

Step 3: This is the last step. The hood will be completely red and have a Velcro or tie under the chin. On the top of the head should go the yellow ball and eyes. They can be glued on with the glue gun.

The Elmo costume should be made to fit over regular clothing to make the child warmer if you live in a cold place. You can either use a zipper or Velcro over the costume to make it easy to take off as well.

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