How to make an Elle Driver (Kill Bill) costume

Elle Driver, (alias: California Mountain Snake) was one of the Deadly Viper Assassin Squad featured in Quentin Tarantino’s classic martial arts flick, “Kill Bill.” The blonde, vicious Elle was played by actress Darryl Hannah. Elle was devoted to Bill after the supposed death of “The Bride,” Beatrix Kiddo who was pregnant with Bill’s child. She also was on Beatrix’s hit list of members of the squad to exact revenge upon for putting her in a four-year coma.

Dress up as Elle in one of her very first scenes in “Kill Bill” in which she’s seen preparing to steal a nurse’s uniform to administer a lethal poison to the comatose Bride.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long blonde wig

* White trench coat with belt

* (OPTIONAL) Black fabric paint

* White pants

* White high heels

* White eye patch

* Red umbrella

* White handbag

* Syringe

* Katana toy sword

* Red lipstick

##Putting together your Elle Driver (Kill Bill) costume##

Step 1: Go shopping at a local thrift store or discount ladies’ store and pick up a white trench coat that hits above the knee. This is a popular style, particularly in fall and spring and can be purchased cheaply.

Step 2: One of the unique details about Elle’s costume is that they are “drawn” onto the coat itself. Pick up black fabric paint and brushes or if the paint comes with a self-applicator and trace a black line around the lapels, pockets, and buttons. Also, you will want to draw on a “belt” to the front of the jacket, as well as trim on the sleeves. *(See photo)

Step 3: Put on your jacket and a pair of white pants beneath it to match.

Step 4: Slip on a pair of white heels to make a clicking sound as you stalk your prey.

Step 5: Put on a white eyepatch. You may also want to make sure the cording on your eyepatch is black and add details with your black fabric paint to it, much like in the way the character of Elle would coordinate her eyepatches to her outfits.

Step 6: Put on a long, blonde wig and carry a concealed “katana” beneath your coat and a red stadium style umbrella as a walking stick. Brush up on your best whistle!

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