How to make an Ash from Army of Darkness costume

Played by cult horror fave Bruce Campbell, Ash was the lead character in the “Evil Dead” series of films and in “Army of Darkness.” What started as a simple trip to a cabin in the woods turned into a Necronomicon nightmare with Ash as the sole survivor of an attach by Deadites – demons or demon-possessed persons. After crossing into another dimension, Ash loses his hand and resourcefully makes a chainsaw into a substitute in order to fight Deadites in another realm.

##What You’ll Need:##

* Short black men’s wig or black spray-on hair color

* Grey button-down shirt

* Dark colored pants

* Several belts


* one brown belt and a cross-chest holster

* scissors

* brown cream makeup

* toy shotgun

* Duct tape or Electrical tape

* toy chainsaw

##Putting together your Ash costume##

Step 1: Grab your shirt and some scissors and go to town cutting off one sleeve and adding some gaping holes in the sides. Fighting Deadites isn’t too easy on a guy’s wardrobe! Use some pictures from Army of Darkness as a guide.

Step 2: Use your brown cream makeup to smear “dirt stains” on your newly tattered shirt. Clean shirts are for “little goody two-shoes.”

Step 3: Put on the holster across your chest before putting on your tattered shirt. Or, use a belt to make this holster-style device and strap another belt across your chest cross-wise to act as a makeshift bandolero.

Step 4: After putting on your pants, belt them and tuck half of your shirt in, leaving the other half hanging out.

Step 5: Use the intact sleeve of your shirt to cover your hand, gripping your toy chainsaw. Wrap your duct tape or electrical tape around the shirt cuff, concealing your hand and strapping the weapon to you, like Ash’s prosthetic hand. Grab a friend to help you with this if you can’t do it yourself.

Step 6: Grab your toy boomstick and prepare to “come get some!”

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