How to make an Ariel costume?

Ariel is one of the top costumes for Halloween for children. If you don’t wish to buy a costume this year, but want to create your own we have plenty of ideas for you in this section. We will help you understand the materials you need and offer a few instructions for making an Ariel costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Red wig

* Bathing suit top

* A green blue skirt


Step 1: Ariel is a mermaid, but she isn’t always in the movie. So you can either choose her mermaid costume or something else from the story. The above materials will help you create a style close to a mermaid costume, but it will also let you walk around. In this first step you need to either make your own skirt or find one that will fit. The material should be blue green, and rather shiny like scales would be. When you form the skirt it needs to hug from the waist down. To make it easier you can have a slit to the knee for walking. The top of the skirt should dip in a rounded V to expose the belly button.

Step 2: Finding the perfect swim suit top. The top should be shells, but failing that you can get a Hawaiian style top with shells on the print.

Step 3: Ariel has red hair, which means you should have a wig with long red hair unless of course you want to die your own hair.

You can also make this costume with a fin if you wish. The fin can either trail you or go over the tops of your shoes. This way you can still walk, but look even more like a mermaid. For the colder weather parties wearing a nude color long sleeve top is essential.

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