How to make an Andy Warhol costume

The man who coined the phrase, “Everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame,” exceeded his even long after his untimely death. Andy Warhol was a performance artist, painter, and film director who was also a fixture on the Studio 54 club scene in the 70s and 80s. Pay homage to this quirky character with an easy-to-make Andy Warhol costume!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Platinum Unisex 80s wig

* Scissors

* Hair spray (OPTIONAL)

* Black sunglasses

* Black turtleneck

* Black skinny jeans

* Black leather blazer (OPTIONAL)

* 4 empty Campbell’s soup cans (large)

* Acrylic paint and brushes

* Super glue

##Putting together your Andy Warhol costume##

Step 1: Pick up a platinum unisex 80s wig. You may need a pair of scissors to cut a few inches off of the wig in a short, yet androgynous men’s style. Optional hairspray can be used to acheive a spikier, more disheveled look that lasts throughout the night.

Step 2: Put on your black turtleneck, black cigarette pants, and if you can find a cheap black pleather or leather blazer, swing that on, too!

Step 3: Grab some empty Campbell’s soup cans and paint them with acrylics to copy the style of one of Warhol’s most famous works of art. Leave one can unaltered and paint the other ones in bright colors. Glue or string them together using Superglue and carry them with you as a quirky prop for your costume.

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