How to make an Aldous Snow (Get Him to the Greek) costume

British comedian Russell Brand has played eccentric rockstar Aldous Snow in two movies: “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and now his own starring vehicle, “Get Him to the Greek.” After his career takes a downturn, Aldous slides back into his drinking and drugging ways, to hilarious effect, eventually redeeming himself.

Dress up like this hilarious rock star parody and check out how you can make your own Aldous Snow costume:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Curly dark brown wig

* Fedora

* Blazer

* White tank top or beater

* Skinny black pants

* Converse

* Black bracelets

* Spirit gum

* Goatee

* Eyebrows

* Chain or long scarf

* Black eyeliner pencil

##Putting together your Aldous Snow (Get Him to the Greek) costume##

Step 1: Pick up a long, dark brown curly wig. You may want to cut it to a little below shoulder length with some layers sliced in so it isn’t quite a thick mass of hair.

Step 2: To get Aldous’s bushy eyebrows, pick up a pair of fake eyebrows yourself and use spirit gum to adhere them over your own. Or, you can use a black or brown eyeliner pencil to go over your own, thickening them and adding an “arch” at the top.

Step 3: You can also use your black or brown eyeliner pencil to line the inside of your eyes, rockstar style!

Step 4: You can get some maximum mileage out of that eyeliner pencil by drawing on a goatee and stubble like Aldous sports. Or, for a more realistic look, use that spirit gum and add a synthetic goatee to your lower jaw line.

Step 5: Pick out some rock star attire. Go with either fake leather pants or tight fitting black jeans. Put those on (carefully!) and top it off with a white beater.

Step 6: Set yourself apart from the rest of your rockstar brethren and put on a snazzy blazer in white with dark lapels or even a green blazer.

Step 7: Drape some chains around your neck or wear a long, looped scarf around your neck in a soft fabric.

Step 8: Top it off with a splashy fedora for hiding your rock star identity. Remember, no one wants to be recognized and be forced to submit to a cavity search!

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