How to make an Aladdin costume?

Aladdin is a very popular costume from Disney movies. It is also a great costume to have in order to make a complete couples costume when warranted. After all, Jasmine and Aladdin do make a great couple. There are two costumes for Aladdin to choose from when making your own. You can go in the “ìstreet rat”¬ù costume or as a fake “ìsultan”¬ù for Jasmine. We will offer instructions for the sultan outfit below.

##Things you will need:##

* White pants

* White dress shirt

* Turban

* Gold and black belt

* Gold and black wrist bracelets

* Sandals or Arabian style shoes

* White cape


Step 1: You will need to find material in order to create the Arabian style outfit. The pants should be loose fitting with a white long sleeve shirt. The shirt should have a high collar in black and gold. A pattern may be best to mirror the costume from.

Step 2: To finish the main part of the costume you need to add the bracelets and belt. The belt can also be a way to get large suspender like straps over the shoulders to hold the cape in placed. This gives the shirt a more authentic feel to it.

Step 3: You can find instructions for how to make a turban online or from a book. By using this instruction you can get the turban and head covering in place. You will need a tail from the hat that extends in the back and around the sides of the face.

Step 4: The last part of the costume will be adding the shoes. The shoes should be sandals or Arabian in style like those in the movies. You should be able to find them or make them from material.

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