How to make a Zorro costume?

Zorro is seen as a hero to many as he saves many from the rich, corrupt system of the time. Zorro has been a huge entity for costumes as well as movies and television shows. This year if you or someone in your family wishes to be Zorro, you don’t just have to buy a costume. You can make your own.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Black pants

* Black Shirt

* Black belt

* Black Hat

* Black mask

* Fake sword

* Black boots (spurs optional)

* Black cape


Step 1: As you may have noticed everything Zorro wears is black. Technically to be true to the costume you should have a period outfit, but if you don’t have a {peasant blouse or pirate shirt hanging around in your closet anything black will do as long as you have the other key elements. Along with the black shirt you will need rather tight fitting pants. They should be dress style pants to match the shirt you find.

Step 2: The most important aspect of the Zorro costume is the mask. You can make your own mask as long as you have a black scarf you don’t mind cutting up. All you have to do with the mask is make sure you can see out of it and that is covers the top of the nose. With a scarf you can then tie it in place at the back of the head and cover it with the sombrero style hat.

Step 3: The next aspect of the Zorro costume you can’t do without is the cape. It should be ankle length and tie around the neck. You can make your own cape with black material.

Step 4: In this step you will either find a toy sword or make your own. To make your own sword you will need a long piece of cardboard and tin foil. It makes and easy sword that is safe to carry around.

Step 5: In this step you just need to add the rest of the costume with the belt and boots. If you want you can have spurs on the boots, but it is unnecessary. The boots should be cowboy style or knee high boots.

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