How to make a Zoo Keeper Costume?

Zoo Keepers are wonderful costumes to make. They are a fairly straightforward outfit for herding all the animals at Halloween. We will have instructions as well as things that you need listed below to help you create the perfect Zoo Keeper outfit. We recognize the need to create costumes as well as offer them for purchases so let’s wrangle those animals!

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Khaki shorts

* White tee shirt

* Khaki jacket with plenty of pockets

* Hiking boots

* Pith helmet

* Animals for your zoo

* Whip

* Dart gun


Step 1: In the first part of creating a costume for a zoo keeper we are going to look at the outfit you need to dress in. You have a couple of choices. You can choose khaki style cargo pants and a jacket to match or you can go with khaki shorts and a jacket to match. The jacket should have plenty of pockets, with a button down front and perhaps a belt. In this instance think of Tarzan and Jane from the Disney movie, her father’s outfit of khaki shorts, shirt, and jacket work perfectly for this ideal. The white shirt will need to also be present if you expect to have the jacket open or off during the party.

Step 2: To complete the physical part of the costume you need a pith helmet. This is a rounded hat with a medium brim. They are technically hats of the archaeologist, but also work for the zoo keepers.

Step 3: In this step we are going to accessorize. A whip can be used to tame the animals such as lions or tigers. So you might want to have one hanging off your belt. You also might want to carry a dart gun. You never know when a rouge animal might start attacking! A simple dart gun can be found at toy stores or discount stores like Wal- Mart. The last item to complete the outfit is going to be an animal or several animals. For this you could create a moving zoo on a wagon with a cage or you could have an animal on a leash that you carry around for the holiday fun.

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