How to make a Zombie Pilgrim costume

Tired of the same ol’ Pilgrim costumes? Still feeling the Halloween spirit even though Thanksgiving is looming closer? Why not make a Zombie Pilgrim costume to terrorize your turkey dinner with! Rip into that bird with gusto and stuff yourself with brain-flavored stuffing as a Mayflower Monstrosity! Zombies are hotter than ever, so why not incorporate that into the Thanksgiving holiday!

Things You’ll Need

* Black sweatshirt

* Black sweatpants

* Frayed black ribbon

* White felt (2 yards)

* Hook and loop fastener tabs

* Fabric glue and safety pins

* White nylon socks

* Black shoes

* Gold buckles

* Black belt with buckle * Black pilgrim hat * Brown cream makeup * Green cream makeup * Fake blood * Skin prosthetics

Putting together your Zombie Pilgrim Costume

Step 1: To make your own pilgrim costume, pick up a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants. Put on the black sweatpants and hike up the bottoms to slightly below your knee. Tie them in place with frayed black ribbon (remember, you are “undead”!) that you can secure by safety pinning to the elastic of the sweatpants bottoms.

Step 3: To make the Pilgrim top, take the sweatshirt and slice it up the front so that it more resembles a jacket. (For best results, get a sweatshirt that is a size or two larger than what you normally wear.) It’s perfectly okay to leave the edges ragged for a creepier effect. Add hook and loop fastener tabs to act as closures for your jacket since it’s easier than having to sew buttons. Leave the 3/4 of the bottom part of the jacket open (without Velcro tabs) for a peplum effect and wear a belt where the opening starts.

Step 4: Add a white Pilgrim collar and cuffs to your “jacket.” Take a yard of white felt fabric and draw a semi-circle on it, using the “neckline” of your sweatshirt “jacket” as an idea for circumference. Slice a triangle into the circle and attach the collar with fabric glue to the neckline of your jacket. Add white cuffs to your jacket in the same way.

Step 4: Put on a pair of white nylon socks and tuck the tops of them beneath your now-shortened sweatpants. Step 5: Put on a Pilgrim hat and buckled pilgrim-style shoes.

Step 6: Use the brown cream make-up to give your costume a dirt-spattered look. Use the fake blood on any white parts. Then paint your face with green cream make-up to resemble rotting skin, and attach fake skin prosthetics so that you appear to be losing chunks of skin. Smear fake blood around your mouth.

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