How to make a Zatanna costume (DC Comics)

Zatanna, the “Mistress of Magic,” is a supporting character in the DC Comics universe and a member of the Justice League. In the comics, she is the daughter of a powerful magician/sorceror and a descendent of alchemist Nicholas Flamel and Nostradamus. She has a number of powers, being able to grant wishes, wipe minds, and cast spells by saying her intent backwards. Recently, the character made an appearance on the television show “Smallville.”

And now for something completely different… Dress up as another female hero from the DC universe that isn’t Wonder Woman! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Zatanna costume!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long black wig

* Top hat

* Magic wand

* White top, shirt, and/or vest

* White or black bow tie

* Black shorts

* Black tuxedo jacket

* Black fishnet tights

* Black heels

* White gloves

##Putting together your Zatanna costume##

Step 1: Put on a long black wig and your top hat over it.

Step 2: Zatanna’s costume varies, but is always a take on a classic club magician or magician’s assistant costume. You will definitely need a ladies tuxedo jacket with tails, but what you wear under it is your choice. You can wear a sexy white scoopneck top or white bustier beneath it, or go more conservative with a white button down shirt. As another option, you can also put on a vest over your shirt to add another layer beneath your tuxedo jacket.

Step 3: Add a black or white bowtie around your neck or to your top.

Step 4: Pull on a pair of black fishnet tights.

Step 5: Put on a pair of black shorts, or if you’re daring enough, a black bodysuit to show a lot of leg.

Step 6: Pull on a pair of white gloves, slide on a pair of black heels, and grab your magic wand and prepare to weave a spell over everyone at the party!

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