How to make a Yukon Cornelius (Rudolph) Costume

Rudolph‘s burly buddy in the Rankin-Bass holiday classic is a great choice for a fun costume with cheery Christmas flair! The gruff and tumble Bumble bouncer, Cornelius accompanied Rudolph to the Island of Misfit Toys and helped to quell the Abominable Snowman’s rampage, rehabilitating him into a cuddly critter!

Making a Yukon Cornelius costume is a cinch! Don’t be left out in the cold without one!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Red ski cap

* Yellow earmuffs

* Blue parka

* Blue sweatpants

* (OPTIONAL) Pillows or newspaper to stuff your parka and pants with

* Large black belt with buckle

* Black boots or work boots

* Toy pickaxe

* Spirit gum

* Red mustache and beard (or a red wig to cut the hair from and use your spirit gum to adhere it to your face).

##Putting together your Yukon Cornelius costume##

Step 1: Head to a discount store or raid your closet to find a pair of blue sweatpants, red knit cap, blue parka, and yellow earmuffs. These can all be easily found in the Boys’ Department (yellow earmuffs) and the rest in Men’s sizes.

Step 2: Put a wide black belt with a buckle around the waist of your parka. To acheive a burlier look like Yukon Cornelius, you can stuff your parka with some pillows or newspaper.

Step 3: Carry a toy pickaxe in your belt.

Step 4: Find a red beard and mustache set and adhere to your face with spirit gum. If you can’t find one in red, take a red wig and cut it. Or, obtain a Hagrid beard and use some orange hair spray to color it in before applying for a Yukon Cornelius look!

Step 5: Go bounce some Bumbles and trot off to the Island of Misfit Toys!

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