How to make a X-Men costume?

Xmen are extremely popular marvel comic heroes. The three movies that have been made in Hollywood have offered even more popularity to the costumes. You have several options to choose from in the Xmen range. Rogue, Wolverine, Storm, Xavier, and many more Xmen can be your costume. We are going to go for the Xmen costume that each character wears in the movie for battling the evil mutants.

##Materials Needed:##

* Lyrca body suit

* Black boots

* Proper wig

* Weapons if needed


Step 1: Xmen wear a yellow body suit in the comics and a black body suit in the movies. These body suits are skin tight and made for optimum movement. You will want something like a lycra body suit that is in either color. It is up to you.

Step 2: black boots will finish the costume off.

Step 3: However to make the Xmen costume one of the characters you need to chose who your want to be. You may want to be Storm, Wolverine, or any of the other characters. If you are wolverine you need the proper wig, face hair, and then fake metal for the hands. Storm will have a white wig, with eyes that create lightening storms. With Rogue you may need a brown wig with a white stripe.

The point for the Xmen costumes is as long as you have the body suit and boots you get to decide what comes next. With Xavier you need a wheel chair and mind control abilities. For Magneto you may want a cape and helmet.

Once you decide who you want to be you can refer to the comics or movies for the costume accessories.

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